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Patiala Shahi Pagg


According to the song sung by Pammi Bai, Paggan vichon Pagg Patiala Shahi ae, karda sifat jeehdi sara jagg ni


The Patiala Shahi turban was evolved over a period of time and is best suited for those with broad faces and sharp features, ethnic characteristics which exemplify Sikhs of the region.




Even though the Patiala turban has developed into an art form, it captures a carefree spirit, mainly because the larhs (layers) on both sides are not worn in a neat or distinguished manner. Overall, it presents a round look with its rear being flat. The thumb is used to depress the cloth at the forehead to create the perfect, triangular effect with the fifty (a band of cloth worn under the turban, the colour usually chosen to match).
it is the most easiest & covenient style of tying a turban and looks better aesthetically, symmetrically & artistically then other styles of turban; and  it suits the people of all ages, whether children, youth or older ones


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